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November, 2009

  1. 5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Might Have Overlooked

    November 20, 2009 by admin

    We all know what’s involved in creating a wonderful new bathroom, right?  You put in some new tile, install a new vanity and hang the mirror. Voila! A new look for your bathroom!

     But that’s just the starting point.  There are some other tips you might consider following that are often overlooked. And because they’re often overlooked, these are tips that will set your bathroom apart from others’. Here are our suggestions:

     1) Don’t neglect the ceiling. It’s common for people to focus so much time and energy (and money) on the walls and floors that they forget to look at the ceiling. You can put in an ornate bathroom ceiling for less than $100 in some cases, by simply applying textured wallpaper. And this adds real personality to the bathroom.

     2) Create the illusion of space in your bathroom with a couple of clever tricks. For instance, many hotels have curved shower rods which, without altering the shower at all, creates the appearance of a shower which is larger than it really is. Also, large mirrors in the bathroom give the illusion of largeness, as do light, bright colors.

     3) Make sure you don’t have tired light fixtures with your bathroom vanity. If so, be sure to replace these light fixtures with fresh, new ones.  Or if you can afford it, go ahead and spring for an entirely new vanity, complete with just the right lights you need.

     4) However, if you can’t afford to install an entirely new vanity, make the one you have look new. How, you ask? By investing a little money in some tile.  You can create a wonderful new look to the vanity by purchasing some stone tile and making a new top for the vanity countertop. 

     5) And finally, use paint. Paint is an extremely affordable home design item. In fact, it’s the least expensive way of achieving the look you want for your bathroom. Select a neutral color, and yet one which is at the same time bold. Guaranteed you’ll be overwhelmed by the results! Then it’s just a matter of selecting bath mats and a shower curtain that compliments that paint colors.

    We’re betting you’ll love your new look.

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  2. Affordable Bathroom Design Ideas

    November 3, 2009 by admin

    Affordable Bathroom Design Ideas

    The bathroom is one of the simplest rooms to design without spending a fortune.  The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, and with the addition of new rugs, towelsandaccessories, you can turn your bathroom into a child-inspired “playroom,” a seaside-inspired Caribbean escape, or even a wild jungle.

     The first step is to decide what design would best suit you and your family.  Does your family spend every weekend in the park?  Maybe a nature based theme would bring a warm touch to your bathroom.  Have you always dreamed of living abroad?  Perhaps a more modern bathroom design would bring you closer to Paris. 

    Once you decide on a theme for your bathroom, begin replacing your bathroom accessories with new products that represent the essence of your design. 

    For example, I grew up in a household that loved the beach.  Some of the best days of my childhood were spent playing in the sand and saltwater with my brother and sisters. Now, whenever I see or smell anything that reminds me of the ocean, I am brought back to those happy days of my childhood.  In order to bring the seaside to my bathroom, I began by replacing the towels, washcloths and rugs with sand colored products.  Next, I replaced the shower curtain with one having a beautiful shell and sand design.  I also used my collection of shells to bring authenticity to the design.  Finally, I purchased some ocean themed bathroom accessories from the local discount store, and even filled a glass vase with shell and fish shaped soaps. 

    Whatever theme or design you choose, begin by asking yourself what colors best represent your idea, and then replace the towels, rugs and shower curtain.  Next, use whatever accessories and decorations that best bring your idea to life.  If you are having trouble thinking of a design theme, try some of these ideas:

    –          Create a modern feel by using a combination of black, white, and stainless steel.  Consider using a glass bowl filled with colorful marbles as a unique, modern, and affordable decorative touch.

    –          Create a Victorian floral design using maroon colors and dark flower patterns. Try adding floral decals to your toilet rather than the usual toilet seat cover.  Hang Victorian style art on the walls.

    –          Transform your bathroom into a country home haven.  Add floral wallpaper to the walls.  Use spare household furniture rather than the usual cold and sterile bathroom pieces. Wild flowers and pastels should help bring a homey feeling to an often impersonal room.

     Whatever design you choose, use your imagination and have fun!  The idea is to personalize, so use your creativity!

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