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December, 2009

  1. The Beauty of a Wooden Bathroom Vanity

    December 4, 2009 by admin

    There is amazing variety in the sorts of bathroom vanities you can buy today for your bathroom, everything from modern to antique, and incorporating everything from stone to marble.  Today, however, we’d like to encourage you to think of an element that will give your bathroom a totally different look–one of utter elegance yet comfort.  We’re talking about wood.  Wood gives any room a feeling of intimacy.  It’s unfortunate that it’s so often overlooked in the bathroom.  One place where wood works quite well is with the bathroom vanity.

    If you shop well, you’ll find a wooden vanity that looks gorgeous.  That’s because of the large variety of styles available. You can decide what timber you want for the vanity and what finish.  For instance, among timbers, you can find bathroom vanities in oak, myrtle, cherry, and more. Keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to find a vanity made of 100% solid timber; rather, manufacturers today use laminated timber.  This is actually in your favor, because it has the looks of solid timber, yet holds up better over time and is much more affordable than solid wood.

    If you do happen to go the more expensive route of incorporating a solid-wood bathroom vanity, be sure you clean it regularly and properly.  This means you will need to use a mild solution of water and non-alkaline soap.  Be sure to pre-test this solution first on a section of the vanity not seen by other, just to make sure the finish is not damaged. Immediately after you clean it, dry it with a soft cloth.  Keep in mind that water spots are normal for a solid wood vanity.  You can remove these by pressing a warm iron to a blotter applied to the stain.  

    As mentioned, you can avoid most of these situations by buying the laminated-wood vanity, which looks just as nice.

    Once you have the wooden vanity, be sure to take full advantage of its decorative potential.  You do this by incorporating a theme that matches.  Perhaps an antique or early American theme would look nice.  Or to emphasize the “woodiness,” bring in several plants and potted flowers.

    Most likely, you’ll use your wooden vanity every day.  And no matter what timber you select, and whether you get something antique or rustic, it’s sure to bring you, your family and guests years of beauty and enjoyment.

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