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January, 2010

  1. A Luxurious Bathroom is Waiting for You

    January 2, 2010 by admin

    Some consider the bathroom almost as a tool–a room that you use to get the job done.  More and more people, though, consider it a refuge for escaping from the stresses of the day.  These people need a bathroom oasis.  Here are some some suggestions to help you create this type of bathroom luxury.

    1) Establish your color scheme first.  This will help you make sure the entire bathroom is a single coordinated unit.  Stay away from color. Instead, try something in a lilac or vivid.  Since our goal here is  a luxurious bathroom, a color that is soft and soothing is best.

    2) Get rid of the clutter.  You should at least eliminate the appearance of clutter, which distracts from a peaceful atmosphere.  Tuck all loose items into your vanity cabinets or drawers, or on a bathroom shelf.  Obviously you’ll need some soaps and towels out, but store as much as possible.  If necessary, upgrade the size of your vanity so that all necessary items have a proper place (See the amazing vanities available at
    3) Set the right mood.  You can greatly enhance the atmosphere through proper use of music and scents.  Consider investing in a waterproof shower radio.  Also, rather than using scented candles (which can irritate  the nasal passages), use reed diffusers. These are safe, offer a relaxing scent, and can last for months.

    Four: Set the Mood

    4) Consider replacing your boring old tub with something more luxurious like a spa tub.  This, more than anything, will help you feel like you’re relaxing at the local health club!

    5) Make sure every item you buy for your bathroom makes a visual statement. For instance, don’t go for a boring white bathroom scale.  Find something elegant that matches both your color scheme and overall atmosphere.

    6) Remember that luxury is almost synonymous with warmth.  This means your bathroom should be well-heated so that you are warm after you step out of the tub.  But don’t stop there. Consider getting a towel warmer.  How wonderful it is to wrap yourself in a pre-warmed towel!

    7) Bring the room alive.  The most luxurious bathrooms were designed by people who understand the power of plant live to add something special.  So bring in some colorful flowers and a potted plant or two.

    These few suggestions will help you turn a boring bathroom into a place of comfort and luxury.

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