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April, 2010

  1. Reasons to Consider a Pedestal Sink

    April 11, 2010 by admin

    Remodeling your bathroom is never quite as simple as you thought it would be.  There’s the manual labor involved in the process, plus the mental stress of wondering if the end result is going to be exactly what you had envisioned in your mind.  And then there’s that headache of finding out that after your project is done, you don’t have quite enough room to move around.  More than anything else, this space consideration is why you might want to give though to installing a pedestal sink.  The pedestal sink, when you buy the right one, not only looks lovely, but maximizes the floor space you have in your small bathroom.

    So just what is a pedestal sink.  It’s quite a bit different from the standard vanity / sink combination.  Whereas the vanity is a cabinet with a sink built into it, a pedestal sink has two space-saving parts:  the bowl which is attached and supported partially by the wall, and the column (or pedestal) which also helps support it.  If you can picture this in your mind (or on the website), you’ll see the extra room this gives to your bathroom.  The downside, of course, is that you don’t have the drawer and cabinet space to store your bathroom linens, soaps, etc.  But for the extra-small bathroom with very little floor space, the pedestal sink is not only a space-saver–it’s a life-saver.

    There are several styles available in pedestal sinks; this makes it easy for you to match the style and personality you’re trying to achieve in your bathroom.  Some other reasons to consider this sink option:

    1) The pedestal sink adds extra elegance to the bathroom.  Today’s models usually have a column that smacks of Greek or Roman architecture.  Or you can find something with a bit more contemporary of a support pedestal. Either way, the minimalist look is quite striking.

    2) You’ll save money in your bathroom makeover.  You can have the best job in the world and yet saving money will probably be appealing to you.  While many bathroom projects can get quite expensive, pedestal sinks tend to be on the low end of the price range compared to other bathroom projects.  Also, when you do your shopping online, it’s easy to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal available.

    So when price, elegance, and especially space, are considerations in your new bathroom makeover, give some thought to the pedestal sink.

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