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  1. The Best Way To Save Money On Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

    November 26, 2012 by admin

    One of the main mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to beginning a remodeling project on their own is not taking the time to learn how to go about the process.You never want to rush into any type of remodeling project.If you are considering remodeling your bathroom you will want to invest time in learning how this process should be conducted,what you will need,and how to properly set yourself a budget.If you focus on research you will save yourself from encountering common problems that many people experience the first time that they set out to conduct a remodeling project on their own.

    When you begin researching how to go about the remodeling process you will first want to survey your bathroom and determine exactly what you want to do.Do you want to replace your floor, paint your walls,replace your fixtures,or replace your bathroom vanity cabinets?You want to create a detailed list of everything that you want to change in your bathroom.

    Once you have done this you will simply need to begin seeking out resources that you can rely on in order to learn how to successfully remodel these elements.You can do this by purchasing books online or by simply relying on the power of the internet in order to acquire information on how to go about the remodeling process.The good news is that there are many high profile websites that you can rely on to acquire this type of information for free.

    Focus on those online resources that are actually focused on the specific type of remodeling job you want to take on.You will also want to rely on those websites that make use of step-by-step images or videos so that you can truly see how this process should be taken on.This will assist you in being certain that you are making such repairs to the best of your ability.

    If you are interested in making use of new glass vanities or bathroom vanity cabinets during the remodeling process you will of course need to seek out the most cost effective places to acquire such materials. Most consumers have found that they are able to save significant amounts of money by simply shopping online for such elements.In fact often time’s homeowners will save up to 30% or more even when factoring in shipping and delivery when compared to the price they may have paid if shopping for these items at a local store in their general area.

    The Home Design Outlet Center is one of the leading in-person and online retail stores that you can choose to shop with in order to save money on glass vanities.They are wildly popular due to the fact that they have low prices and are also known for having one of the widest selections of vanities to choose from.

    With their expert services you can save yourself money while at the same time gaining access to the highest quality bathroom vanities on the market today.

    At the Home Design Outlet Center you can easily save money on glass vanities.They also have a huge selection of bathroom vanity cabinets to choose from.

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  2. The Best Way To Save Money When Replacing Your Bathroom Vanity

    November 22, 2012 by admin

    One of the most commonly remodeled rooms in a person’s home is their bathroom.  Most people want to remodel this room in their home in order to make it more spacious.  That is because many homes, especially older homes, have limited bathroom space.  Some of them also have limited storage space.  This of course makes it quite hard for a homeowner to truly organize their bathroom.  However, if you choose to remodel your bathroom you can make it appear larger with little change and can also add more storage space.  The good news is that this can generally be done with little expense.

    Many people overspend on their bathroom remodeling project because they choose to hire a professional remodeling service to complete the task for them.  However, anyone can easily learn how to properly remodel their bathroom with limited effort.  They can acquire home remodeling books, read articles online, or rely on video tutorials in order to gain all the knowledge that is needed to quickly remodel a bathroom without having to employ a professional.

    If you are serious about remodeling your bathroom while at the same time saving yourself money you will first want to simply survey your bathroom and determine what changes you would like to make.  Most people start by simply considering their bathroom vanity and choosing to replace it with more traditional vanities or with vanities that include additional storage space.

    It always best to focus on major permanent fixtures that you want to change first.  This includes your bathroom vanity, bathtub, tiling, or your sink.  These are important elements that will cost the most to change.  They are also considered to be more grounded.  Therefore they are not easy to change when compared to something as simple as painting your bathroom walls.

    You may want to spend a few hours online looking at various styles when it comes to traditional vanities.  By looking at these vanities online you can get a better idea of the look that you want to apply to your bathroom.  By doing this type of research online you will be able to gain access to a much wider selection of bathroom vanities.

    Before you make any type of purchase online or at a general remodeling center in your area of travel you will want to determine how much money you have to spend on your entire project.  It is very important that you set yourself a budget and stay within this budget.

    Consider ways in which you can cut back on your expenses.  If you are completing your remodeling project on your own and don’t own tools, attempt to borrow them from a family member or friend.  Additionally, be sure to compare service providers that you are acquiring your remodeling elements from.  By doing this you can quickly determine which companies have the lowest rates on those items that you need to purchase such as a vanity.

    The Home Design Outlet Center is the leading online provider of vanities that you can choose to make a purchase from.

    Traditional vanities can be acquired online at a great savings.  You can acquire a low costing bathroom vanity online with the Home Design Outlet Center.

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  3. How To Buy Cheap Bathroom Vanities !

    November 20, 2012 by admin

    With the world inside our smart phones and tablets, we have exposure to a thousand alternatives for any product that we require. But how often do we take the time out to analyze which products are worth it and which are not? No consumer wants to pay more, when he can buy better products and avail better services at cheaper prices. At our Philadelphia showroom, we ensure that you get the best possible bathroom vanities at remarkably low prices.

    We have come to be known as a company that stands apart from the dozen other brands available in Philadelphia selling bathroom vanities. And this identity has not come over night. This achievement has been possible only due to our satisfied customers and the professionals who work day in and out to give you the best package of bathroom vanities. Our bathroom vanities are not just products, but complete packages of luxury designs and affordability. Our large scale of operation gives us the advantage of strikingly low prices that help us bring to you cheap bathroom vanities.

    Our bathroom vanities are exclusive possessions and this is why associating the word ‘cheap bathroom vanities’ does not always do justice to it. By cheap bathroom vanities, we mean deal and offers that cut down on prices reasonably and offer you rates that are nowhere else available in the market. Our products are skill wonders. Their unique designs, varied styles and quality make these cheap bathroom vanities an object of desire for one and all. Our cheap bathroom vanities come in colors and textures that can easily blend into your existing bathroom décor. These cheap bathroom vanities also come in very handy if you have been looking to completely redesign your bathroom.

    In our Philadelphia showroom, we also offer 36 bathroom vanity as part of our cheap bathroom vanities offer. 36 bathroom vanity is a series consists of bathroom vanities that are 36 inches in size. This 36 bathroom vanity series is available in modern designs and styles that can blend into your bathroom while also standing apart for its exquisite appeal. It is available in single and double forms with modern as well as traditional designs. These are easy to install, take up less space and have almost zero maintenance. 36 bathroom vanity is affordable, trendy and gives you ample space of storage for all your bath products and toiletries that are often found littered all around the bathroom.

    These heavily discounted and cheap bathroom vanities are also available for your pursuance on our online store. Very rarely do you come across a combination of luxury and cheap prices. This is a rare mix and is a customer’s delight. You can go through our collection that has been showcased on our website. Alternatively, you can even visit our Philadelphia showroom for any assistance that you need in person. Our staff would be delighted to help you in any way possible.

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  4. How To Easily Install New Bathroom Vanities !

    November 19, 2012 by admin

    Has the idea of remodeling your bathroom crossed your mind?  Do you desire to truly transform the entire look of your bathroom with limited effort?  If so then you must begin the process by committing yourself to research.  In fact, research is the number one area that you should focus on as you begin considering remodeling your bathroom or any room in your home for that matter.  The more that you learn about the process the easier it will be for you to get started.  Additionally, the more you learn the more money that you will be able to save.

    There are a few ways that you can learn about bathroom remodeling projects and how to choose new bathroom vanities.  You can visit a local bookstore and purchase remodeling books that focus on bathrooms, you can read “how to” articles online, or you can even watch video tutorials found online that will teach you all there is to know about the remodeling process.  You can even ask a friend who has completed such a project on their own for tips and advice.

    You will of course need to make a plan and a budget before you get started with this process.  You will be able to set forth a budget by learning exactly what you need to get started.  First off you will need specific tools so that you can complete your project.  You will need to learn about what tools you will need.  You will gain this information as you learn about the remodeling process.

    If you have these types of tools on hand you are already ahead of the game and won’t have to purchase such items.  However, if there are specific tools that you need that you don’t have you will need to purchase them or borrow them from a friend or family member.  If you do have to purchase tools of any type to install traditional vanities then you should purchase these tools online.  In doing so you will most likely be able to save yourself a great deal of money.

    The next thing to consider is what items or elements that you will need to purchase such as paint, wallpaper, or even bathroom vanities.  You will want to focus your search for such items online.  Again, most consumers report saving themselves exceptional amounts of money by dealing with those online companies that specialize in these types of products.  Therefore if you want to save yourself money then you should immediately begin seeking out such companies online.

    You can acquire brand new traditional vanities online and can save yourself 30% or more than what you would pay if you were to make such a purchase at a local store in your general area of travel.  Additionally, by shopping online for such products you are more than likely going to be able to gain access to a much wider selection of vanities.  This is good news if you are looking for a specific style to truly make your bathroom stand out.

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  5. Design Your Bathroom With Double Bathroom Vanities !

    November 16, 2012 by admin

    Redesigning homes has always been in vogue, but what has taken Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC by storm is redesigning bathroom with contemporary bathroom vanities. It is time to compensate for all those years that your bathroom has been one of the most ignorantly furnished space of your house by redesigning and modernizing it.

    If you live in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, then looking for contemporary bathroom vanities is one of the easiest of all things. You come across dozen of local retail stores that promise to sell you excellent products. But how far do these promises hold true? Is it not better to buy contemporary bathroom vanities from trusted stores that have been acclaimed for their elegance and quality throughout Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC. We are one such store that offers you contemporary bathroom vanities with scores of designs and a product line that will make you want for more.

    At our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC showroom, you will come across a host of products ranging from bathroom sink cabinet to double bathroom vanities to mirrors and every other exquisite item that your bathroom might be in need of. We promise you not only the most exclusive bathroom vanities in our Chicago Showroom but also at jaw dropping prices. Get your hands on our discount bathroom vanities and save up to 70%. To further enhance your shopping experience we also have weekly deals and discounts on selected products along with season sale.

    If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom space, consider redesigning your bathroom with double bathroom vanities. These double bathroom vanities come in a whole range of sizes and designs. Double bathroom vanities consists of two sinks, two mirrors along with a large storage space for accommodating all your bathroom products that have always been lying all around your bathroom. These double bathroom vanities are also available in the 72 bathroom vanity. This series includes a range of bathroom sink cabinet which is of 72 inches. They are available in varied textures, colors and styles. In case, you are not looking for a complete bathroom make over, these can be accommodated in your current bathroom style too.

    Designing your bathroom with these double bathroom vanities is not a very difficult task. If you have been refraining from redesigning your bathroom for lack of knowledge about current market fashions, then it is time you stop worrying yourself with this. At our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC we understanding what a cumbersome task can it be to go through piles of magazines to find the right style for your bathroom. Our professionals are here to assist you with all your bathroom queries. They have been trained in such a manner to help you with current redesigning trends at extremely affordable prices. So visit our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC fast and avail the amazing offers and products that we have to offer you!

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  6. Change The Look Of Your Bathroom With Bath Vanity Cabinets …Now in Miami!!

    November 14, 2012 by admin

    Who likes a cluttered and disorganized bathroom? None of us, we are sure! And to make organizing your bath space an easier experience bath vanity cabinets are an essential. If you are looking for modernizing your bathroom then do not forget to include modern vanity sets and cabinets in your must-haves list. Not only will they hold all those endless beauty products but also help you stock extra ones. Get rid of those odd looking glass shelves that make your bathroom look clumsy and turn to bath vanity cabinets that spell out elegance and sophistication.

    Bath vanity cabinets are available in varied sizes, designs, make and color. They are available as single door cabinets and also along with the sink and mirror which makes it the complete modern vanity set. Our 24 bathroom vanity series consists of 24 inches bath vanity sets which are again have a dozen variants to suit your customized needs. Our 24 bathroom vanity series also has double bathroom vanity in case you are looking for vanity sets for larger vanity sets for an increased number of users. These double bathroom vanity sets have two mirrors, two sinks and an increased storage space in the bath vanity cabinets. We have an exhaustive series of bath vanity cabinets where you will surely find the perfect piece for your bathroom. In case you do not, we also offer customized services where we gladly make modern vanity sets especially according to your given requirements.

    These bath vanity cabinets are spacious and easy to use. They are easy to install and maintain. And to add on to the list, they are extremely affordable. They take care of storage, mirror and sink. They have been so designed to occupy minimum space and render maximum usage in your bathroom.

    At our Miami showroom we make every possible effort to keep you satisfied with your bathroom fittings whether they are the much wanted cabinets or the must loved vanity sets. Our team of experts and professionals are at their toes to help you pick the right fitting that matches your taste and vision of a new and modern bathroom. However, the process can be perfected only if you have professional help who will be able to guide you through the redesigning process and help you choose the best alternative available. Such expert help is always available at hand in our Miami showroom. We have a well trained staff that has mastered the art of understanding the dynamic needs of the vibrant people of Miami and deliver them services that they truly deserve.

    With the Miami showroom near you, you can walk in to see the large variety of products available with us. You can also order the same online in the comfort of your house through our website and have it delivered at your door step.

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  7. Modern bathroom vanities is the latest trend in bathroom vanities

    September 26, 2012 by admin

    While everything in your house changes with changing times, your bathroom should undergo the same modernization process- Do you not think so? If your answer is yes then you have come to the right place. At our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC showroom we ensure that bathroom modernization becomes synonymous with our bathroom vanities. From traditional looking bathroom vanities to contemporary ones, from the modern bathroom vanities to color coordinated ones- these are the latest trends in bathroom vanities. When everything in your home is matched to the tee then your bathroom too deserves the same.

    At our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC showroom all your bathroom modernization issues will be taken care of. If you are looking for a bathroom vanity replacement or an entire refurnishing- then you must visit us. Over the past years, with our distinct designs, vast collection and a fast growing customer count we have become one of the leading bathroom vanities businesses in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC. With modern bathroom vanity being the latest trend, we have become its major source in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC.

    While modern bathroom vanity has taken everyone by storm it becomes increasingly important for the consumers to know the right place to go to in search of the bathroom vanity that they are looking for. At our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC showroom we keep bathroom vanities that include traditional, contemporary as well as modern bathroom vanity. We are known across Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC for our vast collection of products that we offer in our modern bathroom vanity collection series. Our collection includes modern style bathroom sink vanity and 42 bathroom vanity. 42 bathroom vanity is a series consists of bathroom vanities that are 42 inches in size. This 42 bathroom vanity series is available in modern designs and styles that can blend into your bathroom while also standing apart for its exquisite appeal. It is available in single and double forms with modern as well as traditional designs. These are easy to install, take up less space and have almost zero maintenance. 42 bathroom vanity is affordable, trendy and gives you ample space of storage for all your bath products and toiletries that are often found littered all around the bathroom.

    Our collection of modern bathroom sink vanity has also been designed to delight you. With unique designs, metal finishes and its immense visual appeal this bathroom sink vanity has to be included in your must-have list while redesigning your bathroom. Just like everything in our collection, even the bathroom sink vanity comes in different styles and designs. If you are looking for only replacing a few furnishings of your bathroom and not redesigning the entire of it, then also our bathroom sink vanity is the perfect piece for you, since it comes in different shades and textures to blend into the current fashion of your bathroom.

    With all this and much more, our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC showroom is what you have to head for when you are looking for modern bathroom vanities. Look no further- Home Design Outlet Center is one-shop-stop for all your bathroom redesigning needs.



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  8. How To Shop For A Bathroom Vanity

    September 23, 2012 by admin

    A beautifully decorated home is incomplete unless the bathrooms also mirror the thought and care that you have taken for the rest of the house. Each and every part of your house is important, however the bathrooms are the areas which get the most footfalls. Designing a bathroom that is elegant yet restful can help you unwind as nothing else can.

    Bathroom vanities are the most prominent feature of any bathroom; these are also the most used. A vanity that is functional with storage space and a mirror might be able to serve the basic purpose but it would not provide the added zing to your day as beautiful transitional vanities might.

    There is a wide array of bathroom vanities available in the market to choose from. For those who are collectors at heart, antique vanities are available that would provide your baths with a very regal feel. Modern and transitional vanities are for the more practical of us who want an understated elegance coupled with excellent functionality. These are available in both single as well as double versions to suit your needs.

    The bathroom décor consists of a number of things including classy faucets, glass mosaics, tiles and more. Ensure that you put an effort in getting the best of these to guarantee an amazing bathing experience for a long time to come. While the decision of what you want has to be thought of, the actual selection has become quite easy these days. No need to walk your soles off trying to find the piece that exactly matches your specifications, online bathroom accessory companies can help you create the bathroom of your dreams with just a few clicks.

    Choosing the right company to cater to your requirements is important and might require some effort on your part. While there are numerous online firms there are only a few who are direct importers of their stuff. These companies do not deal with any mediators or warehouses thereby cutting down on their expense, these profits are directly passed down to their customers. There are a number of firms which promise free shipping; however these costs are often incorporated in the product prices fooling the average customer. Inefficient shipment might also damage the goods, care should be taken to choose a firm that guarantees the best possible shipment and in the rare eventuality of a damage occurring send a replacement at the earliest without any added cost to the customers.

    Once the right decision of the company has been taken all you need to do is make a selection from the goods they have on offer on their site. A few clicks would see you through the whole booking and paying process and then the bathroom accessories of your choice should be delivered to you in around 1 to 7 days depending on your location. Personally visiting the store and picking up stuff is also possible if the store has a factory outlet which can be visited by prospective customers.

    The right choice of bathroom vanities and transitional vanities can help you make your bath a personal haven. Home Design Outlet Center is an online company that can help your design the bathroom of your choice at economical rates.


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  9. Home Design Outlet Center Ranks No. 2085 On The 2012 Inc. 500|5000 With Three-year Sales Growth Of 126%

    August 22, 2012 by admin

    Inc. Magazine Unveils Its Annual Exclusive List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies-the Inc.500|5000

    NEW YORK, August 21, 2012 – Inc. magazine today ranked Home Design Outlet Center NO. 2085 on its sixth annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—America’s independent entrepreneurs.  Unified Payments tops this year’s list. Home Design Outlet Center joins Yelp, yogurt maker Chobani,, KIND and famed hatmaker Tilly’s, among other prominent brands featured on this year’s list. 

    In a stagnant economic environment, median growth rate of 2012 Inc. 500|5000 companies remains an impressive 97 percent. The companies on this year’s list report having created over 400,000 jobs in the past three years, and aggregate revenue among the honorees reached $299 billion.

    “Now, more than ever, we depend on Inc. 500/5000 companies to spur innovation, provide jobs, and drive the economy forward.  Growth companies, not large corporations, are where the action is,” says Inc. Editor Eric Schurenberg.

    About Inc.

    Founded in 1979 and acquired in 2005 by Mansueto Ventures, Inc. is the only major brand dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies, with the aim to deliver real solutions for today’s innovative company builders.  Total monthly audience reach for the brand has grown significantly from 2,000,000 in 2010 to over 6,000,000 today.

    The 2012 Inc. 500|5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth when comparing 2008 to 2011. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2008. They had to be U.S.-based, privately held, for profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2011. (Since then, a number of companies on the list have gone public or been acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2008 is $100,000; the minimum for 2011 is $2 million.

    About Home Design Outlet Center

    Home Design Outlet Center is a U.S. – based company best known for its e-commerce site,, but which also operates six physical showrooms in the United States. In all cases, the company specializes in products for decorating the home. Bathrooms are our company’s primary focus; products offered for sale are quality bathroom vanities, faucets, sinks, glass mosaics, marble, travertine tiles and natural stone products.


    Home Design Outlet Center’s parent company, VGA International LLC, opened in May 2004 in New Jersey. Home Design Outlet Center was launched as a branch of VGA International in 2006. Originally consisting of just a Web presence, the company has since expanded to six physical locations in Secaucus New Jersey, Miami, Florida Orlando, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Sterling, Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Home Design Outlet Center is direct importers of all products displayed on the website and in all local showrooms and warehouses. 

    Home Design Outlet Center is recognized as a leader in innovative, factory-direct home design products. The items are available at the website are key elements in upgrading the look and value of rooms throughout the house, especially bathrooms. Most products are in stock at all times, and company ships them daily to destinations across the country.


    The Home Design Outlet Center philosophy guides the company: “Success is based on our customers’ satisfaction, and that is our personal success.” This philosophy is why our staff doesn’t operate on a commission system. This allows the staff to operate with the customers’ needs in mind, and not the need to make a quick sale.

    Home Design Outlet Center online store is available 24/7 at  (800) 701-0388

    Showrooms Locations

    New Jersey

    400 County Avenue, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Phone:  (201) 531-0502


    3901 NW 77th Avenue Miami, FL 33166 Phone:  (305) 599-2377


    5404 West Touhy Avenue, Skokie, IL 60077 Phone:  (847) 676-4000


    44901 Falcon Place, Sterling, VA 20166 Phone:  (571) 203-0010


    998 North Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL 32807 Phone:  (407) 730-9292


    1926 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146 Phone:  (215)735-1550

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  10. Selecting a Bath Vanity Chicago Bathroom Vanity Showroom

    May 3, 2012 by admin

    The present day bathroom vanities offer additional styles as well as options to what used to be earlier, and they have become taller. Tallness varies from the once regular of 30 inches to as much as a 36 bathroom vanity. You are able to modify the dimension to the consumer, and inside two-vanity bathrooms you’re able to combine heights and banish stooping overall.


    Bathroom vanities can also be got in more than a few depths from 18 – 24 inches. Cabinets that are deeper offer additional storage as well as counter space, even as shallower pieces open valuable floor spot.


    Besides new sizes, you would be finding features such as wire baskets, slide-out trays, hanging wastebaskets, as well as tilt-down drawers facing the sink. Details which you generally come across just on fine furniture, like carved panels as well as molding, are moreover offered on a number of Bathroom cabinets.


    Bathroom sink cabinets are able to be got as custom, semi custom, or stock. Custom ones are completed to your precise specifications, and generally happen to be the most costly option with cabinetmakers charging upwards starting from $60 for every hour. However, on your bath being small or oddly shaped, custom Bathroom sink cabinets is going to allow you in making the most competent and gorgeous employment of each inch. Order this sort from a kitchen / bath merchant / a designer, or openly from a cabinet-maker and leave a period of 6 – 10 weeks for it to be delivered from the Chicago Showroom.


    Semi-custom Bathroom sink cabinets happen to be factory-completed units — you select the finish, door style, size, materials, as well as storage features. Again, you require purchasing through a Chicago Showroom. With semi-custom ones you sacrifice a number of the choices you obtain by means of custom cabinets, though you get in time of delivery and cost. Expect it to be delivered in a minimum of least four weeks. The cost of a 36 bathroom vanity begins at approximately $515.


    To be able to find reasonably priced / cheap bathroom vanities isn’t an imaginary thing. You are able to come across such reasonably priced bathroom vanities in any place that you are dwelling in. However you require being watchful while choosing such a vanity for the bathroom.


    Hence at a time that you see flashy advertisements of some cheap bathroom vanities, make sure that you foremost test them and after that decide if they’re your great contract or not. To get cheap bathroom vanities from a yard/ rummage sale is able to a first-class deal to depend on but, the possibilities at such places are limitless. You would be finding some clearance sales taking place from a sum of vendors that guarantee you of cheap bathroom vanities. These are able to come across from the WWW, either by means of looking with correct keywords or just visiting such brand name’s websites. Here you’re able to come across an extensive variety of assortment of such old as well as modern bathroom sink cabinets, although they might be lagging in some manner or other.

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