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  1. Modern Vanities Make A Fashion Statement In Contemporary Homes

    December 26, 2012 by admin

    If you are purchasing a new home and interested in giving it a contemporary look, you should not neglect the bathrooms. Make sure to introduce modern vanities and glass tiles to make it look elegant and classy. The advantage with vanities is that you do not require large spaces to fit them. Make sure to use the mirror that hangs over the wash basin as the focal point in the bathroom. Let the other fixtures, such as the shower cubicle or bath and commode etc., be neatly placed to ensure maximum maneuvering space.

    The color of the walls, tiles and vanity cabinets should harmonize tastefully. Add contrasting colors for the tiles or enhance the color of the vanity with a single color if you plan to use two colors for the glass tiles. Glass bowls add elegance though it is not advisable to use them in the children’s bathroom. To avoid the bathroom looking crowded, introduce a few glass shelves on either side of the mirror. Light fixtures should be neat and functional with choices such as track lighting or recessed lighting.

    If you have a large bathroom, you can opt for one of the traditional vanities that are displayed in the catalogue of Vanity For Less. Browse through their selection online and research a bit before you make your selection. Learn more about interior designing and how you can design a bathroom to look like one of the mock models that are normally displayed in home improvement stores.

    Make sure to check the area where you plan to install the vanity. Select the type of vanity that you think will look good in the bathroom. Antique vanities generally have engravings and designs carved in wood and painted. They may have some scroll work or floral designs. Look at the type of storage cabinets that come with it. They can store more items in the cabinets and also have drawers where you can stock your cosmetics. You have a choice of opting for a single sink or double sink.

    Decide on the type of countertop you would like for your vanity.  Look at the ready selections available or customize the countertop according to your preference. You can opt for marble, granite, laminate or ceramic tile. Select a porcelain or acrylic sink that matches the style. Wood is pressure treated before it is used in bathrooms to withstand moisture, water etc. If you subscribe to Vanity For Less, you will receive newsletters offering festive discounts and seasonal offers. Look for guarantees and talk to the customer support staff online if you have any queries. You should be clear about your final choice when you order your vanity and other fixtures from the Vanity For Less.

    Whether you opt for traditional or modern vanities, you should be able to make your bathroom cozy and use the available storage space to store all the items, including your medicine, linen and cleaning solutions safely out of sight. A neat bathroom that does not look crowded offers solace and quiet when you seek refuge from the daily strife.

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  2. The Best Way To Save Money When Replacing Your Bathroom Vanity

    November 22, 2012 by admin

    One of the most commonly remodeled rooms in a person’s home is their bathroom.  Most people want to remodel this room in their home in order to make it more spacious.  That is because many homes, especially older homes, have limited bathroom space.  Some of them also have limited storage space.  This of course makes it quite hard for a homeowner to truly organize their bathroom.  However, if you choose to remodel your bathroom you can make it appear larger with little change and can also add more storage space.  The good news is that this can generally be done with little expense.

    Many people overspend on their bathroom remodeling project because they choose to hire a professional remodeling service to complete the task for them.  However, anyone can easily learn how to properly remodel their bathroom with limited effort.  They can acquire home remodeling books, read articles online, or rely on video tutorials in order to gain all the knowledge that is needed to quickly remodel a bathroom without having to employ a professional.

    If you are serious about remodeling your bathroom while at the same time saving yourself money you will first want to simply survey your bathroom and determine what changes you would like to make.  Most people start by simply considering their bathroom vanity and choosing to replace it with more traditional vanities or with vanities that include additional storage space.

    It always best to focus on major permanent fixtures that you want to change first.  This includes your bathroom vanity, bathtub, tiling, or your sink.  These are important elements that will cost the most to change.  They are also considered to be more grounded.  Therefore they are not easy to change when compared to something as simple as painting your bathroom walls.

    You may want to spend a few hours online looking at various styles when it comes to traditional vanities.  By looking at these vanities online you can get a better idea of the look that you want to apply to your bathroom.  By doing this type of research online you will be able to gain access to a much wider selection of bathroom vanities.

    Before you make any type of purchase online or at a general remodeling center in your area of travel you will want to determine how much money you have to spend on your entire project.  It is very important that you set yourself a budget and stay within this budget.

    Consider ways in which you can cut back on your expenses.  If you are completing your remodeling project on your own and don’t own tools, attempt to borrow them from a family member or friend.  Additionally, be sure to compare service providers that you are acquiring your remodeling elements from.  By doing this you can quickly determine which companies have the lowest rates on those items that you need to purchase such as a vanity.

    The Home Design Outlet Center is the leading online provider of vanities that you can choose to make a purchase from.

    Traditional vanities can be acquired online at a great savings.  You can acquire a low costing bathroom vanity online with the Home Design Outlet Center.

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  3. How To Buy Cheap Bathroom Vanities !

    November 20, 2012 by admin

    With the world inside our smart phones and tablets, we have exposure to a thousand alternatives for any product that we require. But how often do we take the time out to analyze which products are worth it and which are not? No consumer wants to pay more, when he can buy better products and avail better services at cheaper prices. At our Philadelphia showroom, we ensure that you get the best possible bathroom vanities at remarkably low prices.

    We have come to be known as a company that stands apart from the dozen other brands available in Philadelphia selling bathroom vanities. And this identity has not come over night. This achievement has been possible only due to our satisfied customers and the professionals who work day in and out to give you the best package of bathroom vanities. Our bathroom vanities are not just products, but complete packages of luxury designs and affordability. Our large scale of operation gives us the advantage of strikingly low prices that help us bring to you cheap bathroom vanities.

    Our bathroom vanities are exclusive possessions and this is why associating the word ‘cheap bathroom vanities’ does not always do justice to it. By cheap bathroom vanities, we mean deal and offers that cut down on prices reasonably and offer you rates that are nowhere else available in the market. Our products are skill wonders. Their unique designs, varied styles and quality make these cheap bathroom vanities an object of desire for one and all. Our cheap bathroom vanities come in colors and textures that can easily blend into your existing bathroom décor. These cheap bathroom vanities also come in very handy if you have been looking to completely redesign your bathroom.

    In our Philadelphia showroom, we also offer 36 bathroom vanity as part of our cheap bathroom vanities offer. 36 bathroom vanity is a series consists of bathroom vanities that are 36 inches in size. This 36 bathroom vanity series is available in modern designs and styles that can blend into your bathroom while also standing apart for its exquisite appeal. It is available in single and double forms with modern as well as traditional designs. These are easy to install, take up less space and have almost zero maintenance. 36 bathroom vanity is affordable, trendy and gives you ample space of storage for all your bath products and toiletries that are often found littered all around the bathroom.

    These heavily discounted and cheap bathroom vanities are also available for your pursuance on our online store. Very rarely do you come across a combination of luxury and cheap prices. This is a rare mix and is a customer’s delight. You can go through our collection that has been showcased on our website. Alternatively, you can even visit our Philadelphia showroom for any assistance that you need in person. Our staff would be delighted to help you in any way possible.

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  4. Change The Look Of Your Bathroom With Bath Vanity Cabinets …Now in Miami!!

    November 14, 2012 by admin

    Who likes a cluttered and disorganized bathroom? None of us, we are sure! And to make organizing your bath space an easier experience bath vanity cabinets are an essential. If you are looking for modernizing your bathroom then do not forget to include modern vanity sets and cabinets in your must-haves list. Not only will they hold all those endless beauty products but also help you stock extra ones. Get rid of those odd looking glass shelves that make your bathroom look clumsy and turn to bath vanity cabinets that spell out elegance and sophistication.

    Bath vanity cabinets are available in varied sizes, designs, make and color. They are available as single door cabinets and also along with the sink and mirror which makes it the complete modern vanity set. Our 24 bathroom vanity series consists of 24 inches bath vanity sets which are again have a dozen variants to suit your customized needs. Our 24 bathroom vanity series also has double bathroom vanity in case you are looking for vanity sets for larger vanity sets for an increased number of users. These double bathroom vanity sets have two mirrors, two sinks and an increased storage space in the bath vanity cabinets. We have an exhaustive series of bath vanity cabinets where you will surely find the perfect piece for your bathroom. In case you do not, we also offer customized services where we gladly make modern vanity sets especially according to your given requirements.

    These bath vanity cabinets are spacious and easy to use. They are easy to install and maintain. And to add on to the list, they are extremely affordable. They take care of storage, mirror and sink. They have been so designed to occupy minimum space and render maximum usage in your bathroom.

    At our Miami showroom we make every possible effort to keep you satisfied with your bathroom fittings whether they are the much wanted cabinets or the must loved vanity sets. Our team of experts and professionals are at their toes to help you pick the right fitting that matches your taste and vision of a new and modern bathroom. However, the process can be perfected only if you have professional help who will be able to guide you through the redesigning process and help you choose the best alternative available. Such expert help is always available at hand in our Miami showroom. We have a well trained staff that has mastered the art of understanding the dynamic needs of the vibrant people of Miami and deliver them services that they truly deserve.

    With the Miami showroom near you, you can walk in to see the large variety of products available with us. You can also order the same online in the comfort of your house through our website and have it delivered at your door step.

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  5. Modern bathroom vanities is the latest trend in bathroom vanities

    September 26, 2012 by admin

    While everything in your house changes with changing times, your bathroom should undergo the same modernization process- Do you not think so? If your answer is yes then you have come to the right place. At our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC showroom we ensure that bathroom modernization becomes synonymous with our bathroom vanities. From traditional looking bathroom vanities to contemporary ones, from the modern bathroom vanities to color coordinated ones- these are the latest trends in bathroom vanities. When everything in your home is matched to the tee then your bathroom too deserves the same.

    At our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC showroom all your bathroom modernization issues will be taken care of. If you are looking for a bathroom vanity replacement or an entire refurnishing- then you must visit us. Over the past years, with our distinct designs, vast collection and a fast growing customer count we have become one of the leading bathroom vanities businesses in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC. With modern bathroom vanity being the latest trend, we have become its major source in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC.

    While modern bathroom vanity has taken everyone by storm it becomes increasingly important for the consumers to know the right place to go to in search of the bathroom vanity that they are looking for. At our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC showroom we keep bathroom vanities that include traditional, contemporary as well as modern bathroom vanity. We are known across Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC for our vast collection of products that we offer in our modern bathroom vanity collection series. Our collection includes modern style bathroom sink vanity and 42 bathroom vanity. 42 bathroom vanity is a series consists of bathroom vanities that are 42 inches in size. This 42 bathroom vanity series is available in modern designs and styles that can blend into your bathroom while also standing apart for its exquisite appeal. It is available in single and double forms with modern as well as traditional designs. These are easy to install, take up less space and have almost zero maintenance. 42 bathroom vanity is affordable, trendy and gives you ample space of storage for all your bath products and toiletries that are often found littered all around the bathroom.

    Our collection of modern bathroom sink vanity has also been designed to delight you. With unique designs, metal finishes and its immense visual appeal this bathroom sink vanity has to be included in your must-have list while redesigning your bathroom. Just like everything in our collection, even the bathroom sink vanity comes in different styles and designs. If you are looking for only replacing a few furnishings of your bathroom and not redesigning the entire of it, then also our bathroom sink vanity is the perfect piece for you, since it comes in different shades and textures to blend into the current fashion of your bathroom.

    With all this and much more, our Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC showroom is what you have to head for when you are looking for modern bathroom vanities. Look no further- Home Design Outlet Center is one-shop-stop for all your bathroom redesigning needs.



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  6. Different 48 Inch Bathroom Vanities @

    December 6, 2011 by admin

    Bathroom vanities change the setup and getup of entire bathroom. It has many applications. It helps to hold the sink so that it is placed intact helping people to wash without any difficulty. Yet another property of bath vanities is storage of toiletries and linens of bathroom. Once you search the market, you can get various types of bath vanities both in modern as well as classic designs. Now if anyone wants to answer the question about, “what are 48 inch bathroom vanities?” the answer will be very simple once you explore the market for bath and shower products. You would also find enormous demand of bathroom vanity sets, which the suppliers in the market are finding extremely difficult to meet.

    Vanity of a bathroom comes in different sizes. Normally the vanities are found in size of 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” and 60”. Among all bathroom vanity sets the 48 inch size is normally very much in demand. 48 inch is such a size that is neither too small nor too wide. Some customers find it to be the perfect size for their bathrooms. Again some feel it to be too small to accommodate two sinks. Bathroom vanities with sinks are very useful and also well featured with all facilities in hand. Customers can get a very special 48 inch bathroom vanity set which is dark in color and has got an espresso finish to it. Another feature of this size of 48 inch is that it can easily accommodate a big sink.

    You can experience the change in your taste and lifestyle in a positive way if you think aboutbathroom vanity sets. There are varieties of vanities which have 48 inch as their size. To name a few ,which have eventually created an advantage in the market are-shaker (48”),Vanity of Fairmount design(48 inch),Hampton bay (48”),Vanity of Cadmon(48”),Empire Industries (48”). All the abovebathroom vanity sets have their different features and mind blowing applications.

    Life is very monotonous. According to the lifestyle, people go on every day with their daily routine. A person stepping inside his bathroom everyday might one day feel like acquiring a change in his/her bathroom. This is a very good reason that explains why he/she should look for modern bathroom vanity sets. One can select among a huge range of bathroom vanities having a size of 48 inches. The traditional vanity named Trenton is very beautifully designed with its mirror that is even crafted with wonderful images and is available in cherry finish. In this cabinet, there is a provision of choosing the design of the counter from the designs of granite and marble.

    Again customers could find the vanity which is named after lotus. The Marble is placed is at the top and its color has a touch of mahogany. The cabinet is very spacious which is evident on opening its doors. This bathroom vanity stores a lot of essential elements in the bathroom. Apart from this, it has 6 drawers which can again provide ample space for things of a family staying in the house.

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  7. All about the Bathroom Vanity Stores

    December 1, 2011 by admin

    During the festive season or before any important occasion, we all plan on rearranging our house. While working on revising the look of the house, you start thinking of rooms, furniture’s, wall colors, cabinets and other items to improve the interior. What you may miss, is your bathroom area. As soon as you plan to work on the interior of the house, also plan on what upgraded accessories you must avail from bathroom vanity stores and enhance the appearance of the area.

    To facelift your bathroom, the products you need from the bathroom vanity stores include, the finest quality vanity sets, sinks, faucets, glass mosaics, marble tiles, shower system, natural stone products and travertine tiles. To make the shopping of bathroom vanities a unique experience, just visit the online stores and offer a treat to your sensory organs. The online stores offer a variety of choice, starting from traditional style to modern contemporary bath vanities. Your bathroom may be of different size, it can accommodate a double sink vanity or a single sink vanity. You might need a suitable glass bathroom vanity set or wall mounted set. Just identify your taste and theme, and then start selecting your item.

    After deciding the vanity set, next you should concentrate on the tone of the complete bathroom. The vanity is center of attraction, thus you should purchase a good quality sink set from some proper bathroom vanity storesYou must select a vanity set which is made of quality materials so that it lasts for years. As time will pass you will use it on regular basis. To buy a vanity set, you must keep a note of the following points:

    • Buy best quality products. Never compromise in quality, remember it is place where products are highly exposed to large amount of water. You will all use these items vigorously. So to keep up to the intense use always buy premium quality items from best bathroom vanity stores.
    • Next, always measure the sizes of the vanity set so that it correctly fits within the allotted space. This is very important, because, if you by mistake purchase the incorrect size, it will not fit in your bathroom. Nowadays you can select an 18” depth or 24” depth and also select vanities in tallness varying between 28 and 36 inches. There’re a lot of diverse styles on hand for the ones wishing for a 36 bathroom vanity. On wishing for a modern appearance of wall-mount vanities a 36 bathroom vanity of the vessel sink sort would be grand. You can also select a more long-established 36 bathroom vanity having an under mount sink.
    • While selecting the color, texture or theme, try to maintain a balance in your selection. Your house must have uniformity in theme and hues otherwise it will not cohere with the rest and look ugly.
    • Try and purchase water resistant items. You may look for wood crafted vanities but look for water resistant materials as this will help the set to last long.

    Last but not the least before investing in bathroom vanity sets; do not forget to visit as many stores as you can. Check out the online facilities and look for discounts if any. Discount bathroom vanity sets are available in a lot of places, some additionally strange to the others.

    To purchase used from a human being is frequently the cheapest manner of acquiring Discount bathroom vanity sets, but the likelihoods are never-ending.

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  8. Choosing the appropriate Bathroom Vanity Cabinets for Your Residence

    November 1, 2011 by admin

    Your bathroom vanity’s the most significant piece of gear inside your bathroom. It creates a definite mood; it demonstrates the age of this room, and makes it visually pleasing. Even as chips from the sink are able to be painted by means of unique appliance paint and the tub is most likely going to be covered by the shower curtain, the bathroom vanities stands out and creates the primary impression on friends, family, and visitors to build up an atmosphere inside the room.

    In view of the fact that bathroom vanity cabinets create such an impact on the universal look of the room, it is extremely significant to choose them cautiously. In the event of you remodeling the whole bathroom, begin by having a look at the correct bathroom vanities to fashion the appearance you wish for. You are able to hunt on the internet to come across many pictures of bathroom vanities to form an enhanced idea on the style you like the most.
    Regarding bathroom vanities, you might be weighed down by the numerous forms, styles as well as colors to select from. You are able to make it easier for yourself by taking accurate measurements and taper down your search to just the vanities which fit in your bathroom. Be attentive to the manner in which the sink plumbing’s connected while browsing your prospects.

    The numerous sorts of woods might be your subsequent criterion for selection. You are able to find bathroom vanities in an extensive variety of colors and manufactured out of just as wide a range of wood sorts. It’s advisable to keep away from particle board. These do not fare well in conditions having dampness for the reason that it is inclined to puff up on absorbing moisture. There’re a lot of various colors of wood tarnish and finishes to select from like mahogany for a luxurious feel, pine/knotty pine for a country feel, or you are able to select from a pearly white finish.

    You are also able to consider the hundreds of hinges as well as handles that you are able to find on your novel bathroom vanity cabinets. This is just a fashion statement and is totally dependent on to the appearance that you’re trying to generate. In addition remember that you are able to alter the appearance of the bathroom with no trouble by altering this hardware now and then. It is a straightforward change to make and is able to have a big impact on the room. It just takes some minutes of your precious time and a screwdriver.
    As you are almost always able to come across the most excellent bargains on the internet look around on quite a few websites to find the best possible cost. Substituting your vanity and cabinets does not require you to break the bank. Finally, you would wish to think about what you wish to stock up inside the cabinets prior to coming to a decision. Obviously the visual aspects are significant but not to the extent that are the things that you wish to conceal inside the cabinets. You are able to select from doors as well as drawers in a lot of diverse combinations to guarantee that you are able to discover a place for all the things.

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  9. The Manchester collection Antique Bathroom Vanities modern bathroom vanities

    October 29, 2011 by admin

    Bath vanities can be got in an extensive range of woods, materials, and at the moment are able to be custom made in more or less boundless combinations. This piece of writing is going to talk about a few of the options which can be got in today’s market of antique bathroom vanity sets.

    •Vanity dimension:

    The present day bathroom vanity sets can be got in more or less any dimension to go well with the requirements of your lavatory. It’s definitely likely to make use of a vanity sink in even a tiny visitor bathroom, on you wishing to do so. Vanities can be got in single as well as double sinks and are able to make available drawers, counter space, cabinets, or open storage space shelving. A great deal additional to a free standing /pedestal basin, antique vanity sinks set aside for you great storage options for supplies, linens, children’s bath toys, and additional needs. The Manchester collection has both single as well as double sinks.

    •Sink sort:

    A big tendency in bathrooms right now is the vessel sink. This is placed above the vanity, and might have need of special plumbing accommodations depending on the type of faucet that you opt for. Connected sinks, are, certainly, an element of the vanity itself. They might be of the identical color like the vanity countertop or they might be of a complementary color. The Manchester collection bathroom vanities has white colored porcelain sinks.


    Today’s routine furniture accessibility mutually with the easiness of shopping on the web lets the extensive variety of woods which is present handy to all who’re fascinated in tracking them. The most customary options for antique / reproduction bathroom vanity sets are walnut, cherry, as well as distressed / antique white colored wood. Each one of the choices is guaranteed of an enduring fame and a finish which is going to develop “personality” with time. Wood veneers are made use of to provide a piece the appearance of excellent wood without the cost binder. The Manchester collection has medium wood colored finish.

    •Vanity Countertop Materials:

    For the sink region, consumers ought to be looking out for a tarnish and distortion opposing top which is going to ensure the tests of time and everyday use. Options for vanity countertop materials are typically marble / granite. An enormous collection of color selections are available now. Marble has additionally natural color difference, and is favored by the ones seeking a warmer appearance. A lot of people state concerns about marble’s mark resistance, but on being properly sealed as well as well-maintained, marble is able to last for a lot of years as well as keep hold of its beauty. Copper sinks are on hand, but a great deal rarer in the bathroom.

    •Engravings & Design:

    Last, the variety of designs on hand is several and is able to reveal the character of the landowner, most important user, or room theme. The impressions as well as wood designs on the antique vanity frontage are able to contain scrollwork, floral designs, and even normal designs like butterflies, or shafts of wheat.

    No matter what the sort of antique bathroom vanity sets that you opt for it’s certain to put in fashion, storage space, and a charisma to your restroom.

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  10. Bathroom Sink Cabinets: the Main Concern for a Modernized Bathroom

    October 27, 2011 by admin

    The bathroom sink cabinets should be a main concern for any person taking into account a brand novel or modernized bathroom. They are in the central place which lays down a shady tone as well as splendor of one among the most ill-treated and utilized space in a residence. You are not going to simply let your dear ones see and make use of your restrooms like your guests. The bathroom sink cabinets are in fact basically a type of restroom fixtures, but are a vital part. They can make your restrooms appear contemporary as well as stylish.
    The Bathroom vanity cabinets were on hand in an assortment of styles and you are able to select from a lot of varieties of woods. In the marketplace you are able to come across find two doors basic vanity cabinets to the additionally appealingly designed wooden cabinet. There are more than a few bathroom sink cabinets that are manufactured out of pleasant wooden adjustments and engraved with marbled at the very summit. Well, these sorts of bathroom vanities are always going to be vital regarding the optimizing of your bathroom in view of that stylish mode. Trendy cabinets are also able to put in additional quality for the bathroom and also the home.
    All the ones considering lavatory renovation ought to start searching for those perfect cabinets and opt for the ones that are going to increase the decoration of the lavatory. By means of appropriate lighting, accessories as well as tiles you are going to have to put in a perfect cabinet to complete your redesign work. For those considering doing a total redesign, it may be most excellent to take account of the cabinets that are going to give you additional places for keeping things orderly.
    You’ll find a variety of sorts of cabinets. A lot of the bathroom vanities differ in price and design. Nevertheless, you require searching for the reasonably priced and strong bathroom vanities including a sense of modernity and first-rate design. Regarding this you can find one from the ready-to-configurecheap bathroom vanities with cabinets that can be got in diverse style, shape, as well as cost array.


    As the name implies name indicates the cheap bathroom vanities with cabinets are easily installable.Cheap bathroom vanities with cabinets are able to go well with your bathroom mirrors to make your bathrooms appear competently designed.
    On the other hand someone having additional income inside their financial plan to spend in redesigning their lavatory may wish to opt for the modern 36 bathroom vanity. You can choose a great 36 bathroom vanity at factory direct price from our website.


    You are going to discover more information on bathroom vanities by venturing online. Whether it’s the modern 36 bathroom vanity with cabinets that you select you might make your restrooms appear nice-looking and affectionate, implying that you and your visitors are also able to benefit from it for a number of years.

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